MYSTERY SHIRT Unisex Dyed Shirt Printed by Drawings By Nicole

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I found a box of hand dyed shirts I did last Christmas. They aren't your normal dyed shirts, they almost look like clouds to me (started off white, dip dyed and marbled with a soft blue/gray). I stowed them away, not sure what to do with them. Some of the shirts just came out soft pale gray, some have darker grays swirled in them. Some imperfections with the dye. Please understand each shirt looks different.

Anyways, now that I have that disclaimer, each one is washed, pressed and then printed on with either a pocket print or a large front design. I think this is a fun way to send off 25 unique shirts in to the world. SUPER SOFT and unisex fit. I was most excited because I had shirts small - 4xl in here. Enjoy!